Employment Law (Disabled)

As a worker, you have rights. It’s important to remember that. Yes, you’re an employee who works for their boss, but they can’t take advantage of you. Should they violate your rights, it’s important to fight back. You don’t have to just “take it,” simply because you’re the employee. When your money is being taken, or if you’re being treated incorrectly, our employment law experts can help. An employment lawyer from Meliora Law Firm can work to make sure you get what you deserve.

Employment Law

There are many different reasons to hire our employment lawyers, but the most obvious reason is: we win. Our proven track record of success speaks for itself. Over the years, we’ve helped so many different employees to get everything that they deserve. With that track record comes years of experience. We know employment law in this state inside and out. We’ve seen the laws change quite a bit. No matter what happens with the law, we have always provided our clients with the kind of advocacy which helps them to get the compensation they deserve. Unfair business practices are just that: unfair. You shouldn’t have to live with them.

employment lawyerWhen something is wrong at work, it can seep into the rest of your life. So many of our clients have come to us and said something like: “I knew something was wrong, but I just let it go. I thought I could do that, but it only got worse.” Just because your employer or company is doing something to you doesn’t mean that you just have to accept it. You have the right to hire an employment lawyer. You have a right to what you agreed upon, what you deserve. When you’re ready, our lawyers are here.

We know that the last thing you want to do is hire an employment lawyer. That’s partially why we always get to know our clients personally. To us, you aren’t just a client: we treat you like family. Employment lawyers at our firm put ourselves into our clients’ shoes. That enables us to fight all that much harder for you, to advocate that much more forcefully. We know that there are people in your life who depend on you. Unfair business practices don’t just hurt you; they hurt your family, too. When that happens, it’s time to call the professionals.

The Right Wages

When you started working for your employer, you agreed on your wages. When they don’t pay you what you agreed on, or even stretch it out longer than they said, we encourage you to contact us. After all, you aren’t a volunteer – you’re a worker who deserves to be paid for their work. That includes overtime, as well. Too many workers work overtime hours but don’t receive overtime pay. Under California employment law, that means you should get time and a half. If you don’t, then we strongly recommend you schedule an initial consultation with our attorneys.

Many of our clients work non-traditional jobs. Several of them are at-will employees or work as independent contractors. We have several who work in the service industry, for example. It’s important to remember that if your boss is stealing your tips, keeping them, or taking them out of your wages, you need to stand up for yourself. The way to do that is to contact us and let us take your case. That way, you can protect yourself completely.

Break time in California is sacrosanct. Every four hours of work, employees have to be given a ten minutes rest period. On top of that, employers have to give their employees off-duty break for every five hours of work that’s 30 minutes and uninterrupted. You may not believe how many employers and companies in this area try to break these rules. You may feel like you’re doing the right thing if you work through these breaks, pushing yourself for the job or something like that. However, in the end you’re putting yourself and your health at risk. If you wear yourself down too much, you won’t be able to do your job to the best of your ability, and you may even end up getting hurt. If your break time is consistently violated, we can help.

Wrongful Termination Explained

When you’re fired at a company, it’s natural to feel wronged. However, many times, the firing is illegal, and in violation of employment law. For many, this may sound impossible. After all, as you may know, California is an “at-will” employment state. This just means that an employee can be fired at any time for essentially any reason. However, the catch is that the reason has to be a legal one. There are more illegal reasons that the layperson might realize.

For example, the firing is illegal if the employee was discriminated against. Often, this discrimination is racial, ethnic, gendered or by sexual orientation. Additionally, older people can be discriminated against, as can those of any religious faith. We’ve helped clients who were discriminated against because they were pregnant, or had a medical condition. Those with disabilities are, unfortunately, discriminated against often in the workplace.

Many times, discrimination takes the form of retaliation. We’ve been able to assist clients who were retaliated against for being “whistleblowers,” revealing wrongdoing on behalf of others at the company. One all too common form of wrongful termination is sexual harassment. What we’ve just mentioned are a few of the ways that employees can be discriminated against. If any of these have lead to your wrongful termination, let us know.

You should also do the same if any of the above has lead to you being held out of promotions, or otherwise discriminated against in the office. When you bring your case to our employment lawyers, we’ll look at all of your information: your performance reviews, time with the company, company policies, and any other relevant information. From there, we’ll be able to make the best decision for your case.

Attorneys for Employees

We’ve helped with employment law cases of all sizes. Here at the Meliora Law Firm, we’ve helped employees put together lawsuits to get what they deserve from massive companies. By that same token, we’ve also helped so many individuals who got their unemployment incorrectly denied. If your company lets you go but doesn’t tell you that you’ve been fired for cause, it can be difficult to get the benefits that you deserve. That’s where we come in. Our professionals can get you the money that you deserve.

When you’re taking on your employer, it’s natural to feel overwhelmed. After all, you’re just one employee, taking on a bigger company. This is where our resources can help. At the Meliora Law Firm, we have resources that are as deep and vast as essentially any company. That means that instead of you taking on your employer by yourself, it’s a fair fight. We can match them resource for resource, so that you aren’t at a disadvantage.

Moreover, we make sure that we keep in touch with our clients. When something happens in your case, we’ll let you know. Instead of keeping you in the dark, we make sure that you know what’s going on every step of the way. We believe education is important, and the more informed our clients are about their cases, the better decisions they can make for them going forward.

Even if you didn’t know all of the different ways that your company could be engaging in unfair or illegal business practices, you may have sensed that something was wrong. Indeed, that’s how many of our clients found us: they felt something was wrong, and they let us know. If you’re dealing with a problem at work and believe we could help, give us a call at (877) 724-0515. Our consultations are always free.